A Women’s festival celebrating community, empowerment, and possibility

Embracing the Feminine 2015 is an opportunity to join 15 incredible women facilitators in multiple workshop offerings designed to celebrate and empower the feminine energy within us. All proceeds raised from this event will build rescue centers for girls escaping female genital mutilation and early childhood marriage in Kenya. This event will empower our consciousness not just to see an issue that is far away in Africa but to explore where it is also pertinent to our own lives and encourage ourselves to embrace our own femininity for the healing and empowerment of ourselves and the women of the world.

Friday evening May 1 overview:

Return to the Temple- 6:30pm to 9pm- Come bask in an evening of ritual, plant brushings, prayer, yoga, meditation and song where we will have time to enter this event consciously, empty what no longer serves us, connect with one another, celebrate our femininity and prepare ourselves to arrive fully present for Saturday’s offerings.

Saturday All day May 2 overview/schedule:

9am to 10:30am- The Gift of Listening: Empowering relationship with real conversation and Goddesses Throughout Time: An exploration of femininity across cultures

10:45am to 11:45am- From the Pistol to the Yoga Mat: Cultivating resilience in our mind-body connection and Accessing and Embracing the Feminine in Business

12pm to 1pm- Sound Healing Concert with Tibetan Singing Bowls and Healthy Breasts & Happy Hormones: Yogic techniques for women’s wellness

1pm to 2pm- Lunch Break and Optional Shavasana Rest Time

2pm to 3:30pm- The Frequency of Feminine Leadership: Embrace your pleasure and create the life you desire and Soul Speaks: Change the world by being yourself

3:45pm to 5:15pm- Sacred Sexuality: The Art of Receiving and The Art of Creation: Meditation and Gong followed by a guided painting journey

5:30pm to 7pm- Closing Ritual: Move and Be Moved…a movement journey to in-body the day!

Laura Wade Jaster, Psychotherapist, MA, eRYT

The Gift of Listening: Empowering relationship with real conversation
Learn how to really hear the people you love, and create deeper intimacy and let connections with partners, friends, and children thrive! We will have lots of experiential practice so you can go into your life with an increased ability to listen, one of our most important skills! Taught by psychotherapist and yoga teacher, Laura Wade Jaster, MA, eRYT, who brings a unique depth and perspective to her teaching…women are her passion…and so is mindful listening!

Katie B. Smith – Executive Coach

The Frequency of Feminine Leadership – Embrace Your Pleasure and Create the Life You Desire!
As we all embark on stepping more into our authentic feminine way of being we are called to love ourselves deeper, listen for what is not being said, and act from a place of courage and joy to bring our authentic beautiful feminine selves into full bloom.

Lisa Theis- Yoga Instructor

Goddesses Throughout Time: An Exploration of Femininity Across Cultures
Women and femininity have been celebrated by many cultures throughout time in a myriad of ways. This workshop will take us back in time to learn about these great feminine forces, how we can awaken their energy within our bodies, and how to call upon their strength and grace in our lives today. Movement, mantra, and lecture will all be included in this experience.

Pamela Ewald, Natural Therapeutic Practitioner, Hatha & Kundalini Yoga Instructor

Shannon Faber -Artist & illustrator, yoga instructor, birth doula

The Art of Creation- Meditation and Gong healing session followed by a guided painting journey
Whether creating art, food, music or life itself, women have the innate ability to embody creation at its most profound level.  Certified Kundalini Yoga teacher Pam Ewald will guide us through a meditation on the divine creative feminine energy followed by a deep healing sound journey with the Gong. Then using process based painting and art techniques, Shannon Faber will guide you through exploring your ability to create intuitively by making your own unique piece of abstract art, followed by a process of reflection after your art is complete. This workshop is great for women at any phase of life who are interested in celebrating our ability to make something from nothing.

Sue Gillies- Business Consultant and Strategist, Kundalini Yoga Instructor

Accessing and Embracing the Feminine in Business
While men and women are equals in many ways, we are not the same. We think differently, we express ourselves differently; we have different capabilities and capacities. The realm of business has traditionally lauded masculine expression. Consequently, many females have adopted masculine expressions and characteristics to achieve success. Frequently, this adopted expression is in conflict with our true selves and causes angst and internal stress. Understanding and welcoming the differences between males and females and masculine and feminine expressions can support and expand our effectiveness and efficiency in the business world. When we operate from our authentic selves, we experience ease, freedom and creativity. This interactive presentation explores the notion that being able to recognize, appreciate and adopt different aspects of the masculine and feminine can positively impact performance in the workplace. And how, practically, we can learn to apply this knowledge in a way that brings us into greater alignment with our true selves.

Chris Anne Coviello- Sound Healer, Yoga Teacher, Bodyworker


Sound Healing Concert with Tibetan Singing Bowls
Denver Sound Healer Chris Anne Coviello will play singing bowls tuned to the different musical notes of the chakra system of the body. Tibetan Singing bowls have been used for thousands of years as instruments of healing which balance the energies of the body. Since human beings are made up of mostly water, the vibrational effect will be a full body cellular massage.

So come and relax and close your eyes and drift into an altered state which facilitates the body to heal. Make sure you wear comfy clothes and bring a yoga mat or blanket so that you may lie down and let the bells carry away with them all that no longer serves you. As your chakra’s re-align, breathe peace and enter the profound state of physical,mental and emotional well-being. Leave as if you were 10lbs lighter, because that is exactly what will happen as the pounds of stress, anxiety and fear melt from your system.

Sarah Plummer Taylor, Certified Health Coach, Speaker, Yoga Teacher

Danielle Vance MA, LPC, Licensed Psychotherapist

From the Pistol to the Yoga Mat- Cultivating resilience in our mind-body connection
In this special offering, yoga teacher, health coach, and former Marine Corps Captain Sarah Plummer Taylor and Somatic Psychotherapist Danielle Vance join forces in a compelling workshop to empower women with trust in their own mind-body awareness, agency, and intuition. Sarah Plummer will speak about her time in the US Marine Corps stationed in Iraq and the role yoga and mind-body connection played in her survival.

Danielle Vance will then break down the steps necessary to support yourself or someone close to you who has suffered a traumatic experience.

We will practice using mindfulness and “somatic” body resourcing to keep you present and connected, as well as practical information on what to do as you hold space for yourself or another during difficult times.

Gina Garris- Yoga Teacher, Sexual Healer

Anara Leilani- Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Steward of Women’s Wisdom

Sacred Sexuality: The Art of Receiving
This workshop will be an exploration into the divine feminine- how she shows up in our love life and in our connection with self and with other.  Through breath, movement, and play we will learn about our natural edges and begin to explore where and how we contract and expand.

Using conversation and exercises, we will dive deep into the art of receiving. We will focus on how to create safe space so that the divine feminine can reveal herself in each of us and blossom into her fullest essence. We will learn it is our birthright to receive not just love but immense pleasure. There is a common thread in our culture where women tend to be givers and struggle to know how to fully receive. Combining simple tips and profound reflection, women can begin to understand it is not only our honor but our purpose to receive as expressions of the divine feminine.

Paula Friedland, LCSW, certified coach, public speaker, trainer, and group facilitator

Lizanne Corbit, M.A., LPC, NBCC and a certified Hudson Institute life coach

SOUL SPEAKS – Change the world by being yourself
Soul Speaks is a deceptively simple process that stills your mind and opens your heart, allowing your true essence to shine through. This unique approach consists of a powerful centering process that has proven to have an extremely powerful impact on all areas of life, both personal and professional. It is based on a humanistic approach to overcoming the fear of public speaking, but is much more than that.  It provides a tangible tool for speaking powerfully and authentically in any area of your life, and enhances the ability to speak and live from your truth every day.

Here’s what participants are saying about Soul Speaks:

  • Soul Speaks has boosted my confidence and helped me be and act from a more intuitive place.
  • I listen better, and I am less afraid to say things honestly and openly.
  • I now have confidence in my ability to pause and wait during speaking, rather than just pushing through and filling the silence.

Soul Speaks is a good match for the experiential learner, and anyone who wants to deepen their intuition, creativity and connection. It is healing and a blessing for the soul!

Jessica MorningStar Wolf- Dancer, Mover and Shaker

Move and be moved…a movement journey to in-body the day!
There is no more powerful mode of integration than through the body.  And this day will prove to be full… of wisdom and practices, clear perception and connections.  This session, with all of us in attendance, will be designed to give to movement what we’ve drawn from the day… to deepen & expand our understanding and share in the most feminine of rituals that I know… to move & breathe together. Guided by the question, “What is it to embrace the feminine?” we’ll use thematic, guided, and free-form movement to really bring it all home.

Come ready to move (wear comfortable clothes).  You might break a sweat (so, bring your water bottle).

Jessica has been a mover all her life.  She has been facilitating movement, from fitness to active memorials, with groups and individuals for nearly 20 years.  She loves the joy that stems from someone embodying just a bit more.

Allison Benner- Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Certified Rolfer

Healthy Breasts & Happy Hormones- Yogic techniques for women’s wellness
In this workshop you will be guided through exercises and yogic philosophy to keep your lymphatic system moving and your endocrine system in balance. We will have the opportunity to explore both the physical and psychobiological elements that leave women vulnerable in their breast health and hormonal fluctuations. From information as practical as what bras are safest to wear ranging to topics as metaphysical as how the moon phases effect the hormonal tides of our bodies, this workshop will leave you empowered in your experience of your feminine body. Women who are breast-free are very welcome in this workshop. We will learn the energy of the breasts and our ability to nourish life is tied to the heart of every woman- and no surgery or experience can take this away-challenging life circumstances can simply limit our access to this truth. So if you need to heal, if you would like to come into a more loving and kind relationship with your chest, or if you just want to learn more ways to protect your “girls” come join this fun, healing and informative experience.

*If the current incidence rate stays the same, a woman born today has about a 1 in 8 chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer at some time during her life. Let’s come together to take pro-active steps in our own breast health!

Shelley Torgove, Clinical Herbalist

Spiritual Healing with Plants: The traditional art of Mayan plant brushing
‘Start with a disposition that you are not alone…song, ceremony, prayer and plants call the attention of the healing spirits’
Join us in ceremony as we experience first-hand the traditional Mexican healing practice of plant brushings.  This traditional healing practice, called a ‘limpia’,  is used to cleanse and strengthen the spirit. We will use Basil in our healing circle, long considered ‘the herb of humility’, helping us to open to the wisdom of life’s lessons and allowing us to listen to the workings of the divine.

Shelley Torgove is the owner of Artemisia & Rue and has been practicing and teaching herbal medicine in Denver for over 20 years. Her teachings blend her expertise in Western Herbal Medicine, her love of wild plant medicines, and the wisdom teaching that have been passed down to her her form the traditional healers she has apprenticed with in Mexico and Latin America. Shelley’s teachings demonstrate how to weave the working knowledge bio-regional herbalism (Plants of the Rocky Mountains and Desert Southwest) with the beauty of Traditional Healing. She is the owner and principle instructor at the Artemisia & Rue School of Western Herbal Medicine & Earth Centered Healing Traditions, offering a Community Herbalist Certificate Program and a Women’s Ethnobotanical Studies Program. Each year she leads group trips to the Yucatan to study traditional Maya medicine as it is currently practiced in Mexico.

Donate Today! All proceeds raised from this event will build rescue centers to empower girls escaping female genital mutilation and early childhood marriage with shelter, education, and alternative rites of passage.