A Women’s festival celebrating community, empowerment, and possibility

The Festival

Embracing the Feminine is a Denver Women’s Festival in her third year. Fifteen incredible female facilitators come together to host a dynamic, educational safe space where women can explore many aspects of the feminine from movement, yoga and dance to art, leadership, social justice, voice, ancient medicine and healthy sexuality. The last two years’ festivals exemplified what beautiful experiences happen when we are all able to come together.

This year we are very excited to once again welcome teen girls to the event. They will have their own customized afternoon program and are invited to join all the women of the festival for the closing ceremony.

Allison Benner and her mom, Diane.

Allison Benner and her mom, Diane.

The Concept

The concept for Embracing The Feminine was created by Denver yoga and meditation instructor, Allison Benner. As the owner of Highlands Wellness Center, Allison has many wonderful women colleagues and friends who offer unique teachings in the community. She was inspired to bring these fabulous teachers together under one roof, and create a festival that would raise the consciousness of participants while raising funds for others. After an eye-opening experience watching the documentary Half the Sky, which educates about women’s and girls’ oppression worldwide, Allison began fundraising in 2012 joining the yoga and social justice non-profit Off the Mat Into the World. In 2013, Allison raised $25,000 to combat human trafficking in India. Now in partnership with Embracing the Feminine, she has raised $20,000 to create rescue centers and alternative rites of passage for girls in Kenya escaping female genital mutilation and early childhood marriage. Allison envisions a world that is both safer and kinder to women and girls. Embracing the Feminine is a wonderful opportunity for Denver women to support this vision in themselves and others.

Raising Funds, Raising Awareness

All proceeds raised from the annual Embracing the Feminine festival go to empower girls escaping female genital mutilation (FGM) and early childhood marriage in Kenya. Funds build rescue shelters, provide education, and encourage community programs for alternative rites of passage. Our partner organization in Kenya is call Sambaru Girls Foundation.

Level 2 Courses Now Available Throughout the Year

Beginning in 2016, we are offering Level 2 Embracing the Feminine courses. These offerings will come after or lead up to the yearly May festival and are opportunities to deepen in the knowledge-base and community connection Embracing the Feminine provides. For more information, sign up for our newsletter here.

“I have told every woman (and many of the men!) in my life about all the amazing workshops I attended last year in the hopes to get as many wonderful people together to share in this fabulous festival. I learned about the Mayan tradition of plant brushing, how to dance like a dervish, how to speak in front of large groups, how to listen attentively, and how to appreciate another person with each of my senses. I would recommend this women’s festival to anyone looking for a life changing, enlightened, completely magical experience. You will truly learn to embrace your femininity!”

Jamie Parker

“Embracing the feminine was a powerful day of workshops, dance and meditation. I left feeling inspired and empowered. I absolutely loved all the variety that it offered and looking forward to returning!”

Michele Williams

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the opportunity to serve at Embracing the Feminine! I had such an amazing time. Even just being in the presence of such remarkable women was enough to feed my soul, let alone the valuable time spent in the workshops and rituals. It helped me gain clarity on the type of environment and people I want to surround myself with. I greatly appreciate your generosity. I would love to stay in touch and connect on future events as well. I am excited to see where this springboard leads us all.

Dana McMullen- 2015 Festival Volunteer

Donate Today! All proceeds raised from this event will build rescue centers to empower girls escaping female genital mutilation and early childhood marriage with shelter, education, and alternative rites of passage.