What people are saying...

“I have told every woman (and many of the men!) in my life about all the amazing workshops I attended last year in the hopes to get as many wonderful people together to share in this fabulous festival. I learned about the Mayan tradition of plant brushing, how to dance like a dervish, how to speak in front of large groups, how to listen attentively, and how to appreciate another person with each of my senses. I would recommend this women’s festival to anyone looking for a life changing, enlightened, completely magical experience. You will truly learn to embrace your femininity!”


Jamie Parker

“Embracing the feminine was a powerful day of workshops, dance and meditation. I left feeling inspired and empowered. I absolutely loved all the variety that it offered and am looking forward to returning!”


Michele Williams

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the opportunity to serve at Embracing the Feminine! I had such an amazing time. Even just being in the presence of such remarkable women was enough to feed my soul, let alone the valuable time spent in the workshops and rituals. It helped me gain clarity on the type of environment and people I want to surround myself with. 

Dana McMullen- 2015 Festival Volunteer