Join us to experience the magic that happens when women gather together in a sacred space.  Together we will journey inward and bask in the nourishment of this healing weekend purifying and refilling your deepest reservoirs of self-knowing and relaxation.




Saturday, October 13th, 9 am to 5 pm

Sunday, October 14th, 9 am to 3 pm


Location: hOMe Collective 6101 W. 38th Ave., Wheat Ridge, CO 80033


Registration Required, space is limited.


Early Bird Tickets: $199

After September 20th: $249


A light vegetarian lunch will be provided both days.


Please dress comfortably and in layers, we will be intermittently moving and sitting on the floor. Chairs will be provided if you prefer.


Please bring a water bottle, journal, pen, and a scarf or light blanket


Your ticket is 100% tax deductible. All proceeds raised support the Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking, a 501(c)3.









 Establishing the Feminine Matrix of Support w/ Allison Benner


Description: Experience the beauty of feminine friendship and connection inside the safe container of a healthy and conscious group dynamic. We will engage in various experiential group exercises to deepen our connection with ourselves and one another and experience the vibrancy of the awakened divine feminine that arises through connected and healthy co-created community. 



After extensive fundraising and traveling with the Off the Mat, Into the world to combat sex-trafficking in India in 2013, Allison was inspired to create Embracing the Feminine locally here in Denver, CO in 2015. A bodyworker and yoga & meditation instructor herself, Allison reached out to her Denver women colleagues asking them to join her in creating and guiding women's events that would not just raise funds for women's issues but begin the healing needed to combat the roots of these injustices in our own communities. Focused on women's empowerment whether it be through voice, movement, expression, or education, Embracing the Feminine was born. All funds raised by Embracing the Feminine support Denver's Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking, a 501c3 nonprofit. After three years hosting a larger format women's festival, Allison is thrilled to offer the Denver woman's community this inaugural intimate retreat.

Retreat organizer and founder of Embracing The Feminine

Allison Benner



Consent, Desire, and Communication w/ Anara Lani


Description: Before we can communicate consent, we first have to know our authentic desire. For most of us, it is pretty clear when we are an enthusiastic yes or an absolute no. The tricky part comes when we're afraid of the consequences of our truth, we don't like what we feel, or our desire falls somewhere in the middle. How can we trust ourselves when we are simply not sure?


In this session and through the workshop we will be checking in with our moment to moment awareness to learn how to pay attention to our senses in real time. By exploring our present time experience with curious wonder and radical acceptance, we can learn to decode our body's wisdom and learn how to make decisions that create more of what we want and less of what we don't.



Anara Lani has been involved with Embracing The Feminine since it's inception. As a holistic sex educator, intimacy coach, yoga/meditation teacher and embodiment specialist, she has taught classes through the years, and most recently, offered creative and technical support for ETF. Anara is devoted to changing the world by helping individuals decipher the wisdom in their bodies. She weaves her personal experiences of growth with her 15+ years of spiritual and sexual studies to create a relatable and trustworthy practice that helps people find their inner wisdom. Anara believes that when we practice listening to the body and exploring our relationship with intimacy, vulnerability and self-awareness we can create the life we desire.

Creative director for Embracing The Feminine, co-founder of New school Sex Ed, CSB, Bodyworker, Intimacy & Self-awareness coach, Purveyor of women's radiance and beauty

Anara Lani


Introduction to Rasa, the Healing Waters of Life w/ Chitra Giauque


Description: Dakini’s breath yoga offers women’s workshops inspired by the traditions of Tantra and the Mystery School teachings.


In this session, we celebrate the Healing waters of the Divine Feminine. Rasa is the Sacred Water and Source of connectivity from which our system is continually fed. This deep reservoir within our body temple circulates throughout, bringing revitalization, innovation and ancestral memory to the matrix of our being.


It is inclusive and when uninhibited unifies and harmonizes disparate parts of ourselves. Issues frozen in the tissues are liberated from their inertia allowing us to move vitally from presence towards our potential.


Merging into the sacred waters invites deep receptivity, intuition, and a slowing down and shedding of our internal noise.


Innovative combinations of sacred sound, breath, and fluid movement free our internal waters realign our structure and expand our mind. Join us in tapping the wellspring of connectivity from within.



Chitra Giauque is Founder of Dakini’s Breath Yoga, a traveling temple of
transformation offered to all beings who are longing for the return of balance
through the Divine Feminine. Chitra’s certifications in Yoga, Ayurveda, and

Breemaare influenced by Vedic Astrology years of immersion in the Mystery
School Teachings of Emilie Conrad and Amorah Quan Yin. When home, she
maintains a private practice focusing on the fusion of all of the above.



She can be reached at until her new Page is complete.

Lead consultant for Embracing The Feminine, E-RYT Ayurvedic Practitioner, Vedic Astrologer, Breema Bodywork Instructor


Chitra Giauque

 All Ears w/ Laura Wade, 



Description: Being held within the presence of true listening is a rare and healing experience. We will be learning how to make space for hearing another and getting the chance to share from our hearts. Using Hakomi principles, we can deepen our own skills for really hearing someone and this will support you in every relationship in your life. We will also feel the difference it makes to be heard and have new insights and intuitions into your process!


This can begin to re-shape our personal narratives, and while juicy on its own, can bring us to another step of telling our story.



I have long been a student of the matrix of life, a mystic of sorts, always interested in the arts and spirituality. I am a creative thinker, curious about the unique and universal themes through which we are constantly discovering ourselves. I am a ravenous learner, which gives me depth and breadth to draw from a variety of noble healing arts practices and theories to support my clients and students. I love to bridge clinical and empirical approaches with intuitive listening to support my clients on every level of healing.

Event contributor, MA, NCC, eRYT. CHT

Laura Wade Jaster

ca best 2018-11.jpg

Sound Healing Concert w/ Chris Anne Coviello

Description: Tibetan singing bowls are musical instruments that have been used for thousands of years to promote healing. Denver yoga instructor and sound healer Chris Anne Coviello will be playing the Symphonic Gong and the Tibetan singing bowls, which are tuned to musical notes that correspond to the different chakras of the body – restoring your balance of energy. Since the body is made up of mostly water, the vibrational effect of the Tibetan singing bowls feels like a full body cellular massage. So come, relax, close your eyes, and drift into a state of calm. Make sure to wear comfortable clothes and bring a yoga mat or blanket so that you may lie down. As your chakras re-align, breathe peace and enter the profound state of physical, mental, and emotional well-being.


Chris Anne began her wellness journey in 1997 when she took her first yoga course at college in New York and was hooked on the transformative power of yoga and meditation. In 2002 she completed her massage training and in 2004 did a private course in Boulder to become a Reiki master. Chris Anne continued her study of Yoga by exploring more styles of yoga than she ever imagined existed! In 2005 she discovered Kundalini yoga and felt that she had “come home!” In 2006 she completed her Kundalini Yoga teacher training at Omega Institute in New York. In 2008 Chris Anne discovered Sound Healing and trained with a 3rd generation master sound healer from Nepal and has been sharing Sound Healing and yoga regularly ever since. In early 2018 she discovered Cacao and studied with the teacher and founder of "Heartblood Cacao" a beautiful Vermont based company that has a Cacao Farm in Guatemala and imports ceremonial grade Cacao. Chris Anne is now very excited to bring Cacao ceremonies to blend together with some of her other offerings to expand the heart center.  Chris Anne has been teaching her weekly Monday night Kundalini Yoga Class at The Denver Botanic Gardens since 2007 and performs large group Sound Healings and yoga events there regularly. Chris Anne is the owner of The Healing Space Wellness Center in Denver where she has her private practice and hosts smaller events with her husband. She states: “I am passionate about wellness and sharing the tools that have given me so much strength, grace, happiness, and peace.”

Event contributor, Sound Healer, Yoga Instructor, Massage Therapist and owner of The Healing Space Wellness Center in Denver 

Chris Anne Coviello

Tamme Buckner Headshot.jpg

The Astrological Connection to your Heart and the Goddess w/ Tamme Buckner


Description: Viewed through the lens of Vedic Astrology, we will be exploring the Moon and Venus in this class.


The Moon represents the Divine Feminine and our connection to the heart. Venus represents the Goddess and is our connection to our own Inner Goddess. Learn about each of these energies and how to connect and harmonize with them in your daily lives. During this class, you will also get to experience a unique guided meditation that will take you on a journey, one of receptivity and connection to the Divine Feminine and the Goddess in all of us.



Tamme Buckner believes that every individual has the innate ability to balance Body, Mind, and Spirit. As a Certified Vedic Astrologer, Certified Neurosculpting® Meditation Facilitator, a 200 hour Certified Yoga Instructor, and Certified Reiki Master she possesses many skills to help create and maintain this delicate balance in this often fast-paced, stressed, chaotic world we all live in today. Tamme has always been a seeker and walks this path with a smile guided by her heart. She has been blessed and beyond grateful to have studied with many many incredible teachers along this journey. Tamme is humbled and passionate about the opportunity to share her mission to spread as much love, light, compassion, understanding and healing energy as possible.

Event contributor, Meditation Teacher, Vedic Astrologer, Jewelry Artisan 

Tamme Buckner

Honest, straight forward questions answe

 Making friends with your Inner Critic w/ Chris Muse


Description: She’s the one who tells you that you aren’t good enough, you shouldn’t have said that, you’ll never get the job, partner, or home that you always dreamed of so why even take the chance?  She’s constantly comparing and is a total downer but you can’t get away from her because she lives in your head.


She’s the voice of your inner critic.


She might sound stern, scared, or like an echo from your mother.  You think she’s your enemy and you reject her.  But she’s not going anywhere and you gotta admit, sometimes she makes a lot of sense.


So what to do with her?


Chances are the voice in your head that’s driving you mad is actually an ally in disguise.  She’s a protector from the past who is still trying to keep you safe.  In this class, we’ll identify one of her voices and bring her up to date.  We’ll listen to her with respect and value her contribution.  Then, we’ll invite her into a new role inside of you so that you both can thrive.  



Chris Muse is devoted to helping people quiet their voices of doubt and get comfortable taking the leap into knowing themselves sexually. As a Somatic Sex Educator, she recognizes that as people form deeper relationships with their bodies and a greater understanding of their sexuality, they gain insight into every other aspect of their lives.  Her approach with clients is experimental, following moment-to-moment curiosities while providing a compassionate, safe space for exploration. Through this, Chris helps people recognize their capacity to feel great about themselves while accessing more freedom in their bodies.

Event contributor, Holistic Sex Educator and Somatic Sex Coach, CSB, Co-founder of New School Sex Ed

Chris Muse


 Power Activation Practice w/ Amanda Testa

Description: Power is a core part of our sexuality and femininity. This practice will help you tap into your innate power energetically, physically, and physiologically as a woman.


This practice is great to add fire and power, and more yang energy - so important to balance the yin because if we have too much yin, watery energy, too soft and nice you can have “rotten” yang, unexpressed anger and bitterness.


This can connect you to your deep inner core of power and ability to take action no matter what you have been through.   This can also connect you to our own sexual agency - your ability to be sexual and powerful and safe at the same time. 


Amanda Testa helps overwhelmed women reconnect to their sexuality with simple tantric techniques they can use to feel luscious in their bodies, feel more pleasure, take sex from a to do to something they look forward to and to have more support and playfulness in their intimate relationships.



Event contributor, Sex, Love, and Relationship Expert, Founder Find Your Feminine Fire.

Amanda Testa